Hattie’s Birth Story

Hattie is four months old and even though I’m just getting around to writing this, I remember every detail of that day! It was so different than when I had Aaron and I feel so blessed to have experienced two completely different, health, labor & deliveries.

I was induced with my son, and was barely 1cm. dilated when I went into the hospital to have him. Honestly, I think my OB just said I was at a 1 so that I felt like I made a little bit of progress. I never had any of the signs of labor before going into the hospital- I had a few braxton hicks contractions, but that’s it! I was in labor for about 17 hours before I made it to a 10, and then pushed for about 10 minutes before my sweet bubba made his grand entrance. I am lucky that I was comfortable (as comfortable as you can be while you’re in labor) and there were no complications, or that could have made that long day seem even longer.

With Hattie it was SO different. Let’s start with the weekend before she was born… I was due on December 28th and my hubby wanted to squeeze one last hunting trip in before Christmas and before Hattie was born. I wasn’t thrilled that he would be out of town because I was convinced I would go into labor that weekend, but he compromised and decided to only go for one day. That same day my OB was also out of town… So my sister came to town to stay with me and help take care of Aaron. I really wanted to take it easy and not increase my chances of going into labor. Which is funny to even think about because I have a toddler. What is taking it easy?? Saturday, December 16th, came and went and no baby. GREAT! I made it through the one day that I did not want to go into labor.

Sunday, December 17th, came and I knew I was in the clear then. My hubby was home and my OB was back in town. I spent my day running around town and getting all of the last minute Christmas shopping done. It was exhausting, but I knew all of the walking and being out of the house was good for me. I got home and wrapped every single christmas present. It was time to put Aaron to bed and I noticed a couple contractions, but assumed they were nothing because they were farther apart and very faint. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bummed. Then I got myself ready for bed and started having contractions again. I sat there for a few minutes trying to decide between getting up and pacing around the house/bouncing on my exercise ball, or just going to sleep because I had to work in the morning and didn’t want to be even more tired than I already knew I would be. I walked for about 15 minutes (and ate about 3 christmas cookies) then decided to just go to sleep.

Monday, December 18th: I woke up at 4:43- 17 minutes before my first alarm was set to go off. I think I was woke up by a contraction. Normally I would have hit the snooze button (a couple times) but that morning I popped right out of bed and got in the shower. about 15 minutes later I noticed I really didn’t feel good. I felt sort of nauseous and also like I needed to go to the bathroom, and I don’t mean go pee. I proceeded to get ready, and wondered if maybe this meant I was going into labor. I walked downstairs to tell my husband that I thought I might be in labor, or that I just have a really bad stomach ache but could be constipated (because that happened way too often with my pregnancy.) His response “Babe, I think you’re fine and are convincing yourself you’re in labor because you want to have her and don’t want to go to work this morning. We still have 10 days until you’re due date. ” Both were very true statements, so I pouted my way back upstairs and got ready. Still unsure if I was having contractions or not, I decided I probably needed to keep track of when I was having these “cramps” so I started a note in my phone. I woke up Aaron and got him ready and we said goodbye to Luke at about 7:30am. By this time I knew I was having contractions, and they were about 7-8 minutes apart. I dropped Aaron off at the in-home daycare we take the kids to and I went to work. By now, it’s 8am and the contractions were about 4 minutes apart. I sat through our Monday morning meeting just wondering if I should go to the hospital or not.. I was convinced that it was false labor. All of the ladies at work were telling me I needed to leave, so I called my nurse and filled her in. At this point the contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart. I sent Luke a screenshot of my contraction times and told him I was going to run get checked out and I would let him know what was going on. He panicked and cancelled the rest of his work for the day.

I went home and told him to put the hospital bag in the car just incase. Oh, and her carseat! We got to the hospital at about 10am and I got all hooked up to the monitor in triage and told the nurse what was going on. She checked to see if I was dilated at all and I was 4cm! The plan was for us to just hold tight for about an hour while they monitored me, then they would check to see if I made any progress. If I did, then that meant we were having a baby! And if no progress was made then I would just leave and go about my day- Luke did NOT like the sound of that. About 15 minutes after the nurse left she came back in to tell me that we were, in fact, having a baby that day! She called my OB to fill her in on everything and my doctor told her not to let me leave because “when she has babies and they’re ready to come, she has babies fast!”

We got checked into our hospital room and all settled around 11am. Things progressed really fast and I was so uncomfortable and decided to get the epidural- I HATED it this time. I was too numb. Like so numb that my leg slid off the hospital bed and I didn’t even know it was happening until after it was out of the covers. Then I couldn’t get it back up on my own so I had to have Luke put it back up where it belonged lol. Fast forward a few (much more comfortable) hours, around 4:30 I asked my nurse to check things out “down there” because I thought I was feeling some pressure. She lifted my blanket and said “honey, you’re at a 10 and we’re going to start pushing. I’ll call the doctor.” Then of course Luke took a peek and his first words were “Holy S**T SHE HAS A LOT OF HAIR!!” A few minutes later my doctor had arrived and before I knew it she was counting me down to push. Two pushes later and my sweet girl was finally here!!! 7lbs. 11oz. of perfection and lots of dark hair.


My doctors first words “That was fast. I’m still going to be able to make my workout class, thanks!” HAHA!

This post got lengthy and I could still say so much more about that day. It was perfect!! I love hearing about other mama’s birth stories. Feel free to share your favorite labor & delivery memories!


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