Must Haves for Baby

I remember making a baby registry when we were pregnant with Aaron and being SO overwhelmed by how many different baby products are out there, and on top of that all of the different brands! Now after having two babies, and using the exact same stuff, I wanted to create a list of things I have used over and over again with both of them so that it can hopefully help others decide what they really need when preparing for a baby.

All babies are different, so what worked for mine may not work for yours, but at least this can give you a general idea of what you need! I will link all of the products that we use. I tried really hard to get all of the larger items in a gender neutral color because I knew we wanted to have more babies, and incase we had a girl I didn’t want her to have to use all boy stuff. Good thing that’s what I did! When it came time to have our daughter the only things we needed to buy were some clothes and a few blankets. Oh, and some bows of course…

  • Bassinet : I chose a pretty basic bassinet. I loved this one because it was easy to take apart and store when we were finished. Both of our babies slept in this bassinet, in our room, until they were 6-8 weeks old and then we moved them to their cribs in their own room. Here is a similar bassinet that I think would be perfectly fine to get, it’s the same thing just without the canopy.
  • Swing : This thing is a god-send. And a great thing to have in your living room area. I used this swing with both babies and they loved it. I like it because it had the swing, sounds, and vibrate option all in one. It is a bit large, but I still really loved it!
  • Bouncer : I personally wanted both a swing and a bouncer, and I’m glad I had them both. The bouncer is much easier to move than the swing, so I could take it wherever I needed it to be. I used this a lot if  I was trying to cook, do the laundry, etc. and my baby wanted to be able to see me. It was also great to take outside when we hung out on the deck, or to set in the yard while my toddler played. I liked this one because it bounces itself (the less “extra” work you have to do, the better!!!)
  • Crib & Crib Mattress : I was extremely lucky and my father built both of our cribs so that we can keep them and our kids will be able to use them with their babies one day (one day FAR, far, away that I refuse to even think about yet. LOL) I will link the mattress that we have used, we got each baby the same one. As far as a crib goes…. Just pick what you think is cutest!
  • Nose Frida : A lot of people are freaked out by this, and it does seem a little gross, but it’s definitely high on my suggestions list! It’s so much easier to use and much more effective than the bulb you get from the hospital. Not to mention, cleaner! I just use a little bit of saline spray and then suck the boogies right out. Don’t worry, the boogers can’t actually get into your mouth.
  • Baby Hygiene Products : We’ve always used Johnson & Johnson body wash/shampoo and lotion, but I have used Aveeno a couple times and I really like that brand too. I feel like that brand has been around for so long, so that just speaks for itself. It’s never caused my babies to break out and we lotion them daily! I also love keeping a pack of these Johnson & Johnson wipes in my diaper bag and at home to help keep them clean. I honestly just use them for the first few months because I feel like somehow breastmilk gets everywhere and it helps to keep them clean! I could really live without these, and I do often run out, but if I think about it and am at the store I’ll pick up a pack because I like the way they smell!
  • Baby grooming kit : The main things I have used from my grooming kit are the brush, and the clippers. Honestly, when they’re really little I just bit their nails because it was much easier to clip. May sound weird, but when you’re in the moment you just do what works for you.
  • Thermometer : Best to keep one on hand just incase. I have linked the one we have had since having Aaron and it has always been really accurate and never given us any problems.
  • Baby Carrier : I personally LOVE my Moby Wrap and Ergobaby. I used the wrap style carrier when they were newborns, and then switched to my Ergo. I chose that specific Ergobaby carrier because it did not need an additional insert for newborns because it adjusts. If I had to choose a different one I would go with the Ergobaby 360 because you can have them front- facing out, or front- facing in. I will do another post all about baby wearing, so check back for that!
  • Baby Bath Tub : This is one that we got late in the game with Aaron, and have used it for Hattie and so far we still like it. I love the ones that fit in the sink, but honestly we don’t give Hattie baths in the sink because it’s just easier to just stick her in the bath at the same time as Aaron. I like this one because it has a piece that comes detached and we actually use it for a stool at our bathroom sink so Aaron can wash his hands. But if we would have got this one sooner with my Aaron then we could have kept it attached to the tub and it would have raised his bath so it wasn’t as hard on our backs! For now we just use the smaller green part and put that in our bath tub and Hattie lays on it while Aaron plays with his bath toys.img_7842.jpg
  • Infant Car Seat : I chose a carseat and stroller that came together, but I will link them separately. Both babies have liked this infant seat, but I did get inserts for it so it helped to support their heads.
  • Stroller : I chose to get a jogging stroller because I like to run and go for walks, so I wanted one that would be durable enough to do that. And I love the one we went with! I will say that I did end up getting a cheaper, smaller, umbrella stroller to use once Aaron was bigger. It was just easier to take in and out of the car and stores. This jogging stroller is a bit big, but I am able to lift it in and out of my car no problem. You can get the stroller and carseat travel system and save a little bit of money, which is what we did!
  • Sleep Sack : Both babies loved to be swaddled when they slept, but much like other babies they were able to wiggle out of the blanket. I really liked two different brands and used them both, with each child. Up until they were about two months old I used a blanket, then switched to the swaddle.
    • I used the SwaddleMe Original Swaddle when they were smaller – I started using it around 2 months, and used the size small. Then at about 4 months had to switch to the larger size, but also started using the Halo Sleep Sack too.
    • I chose the Halo Sleep Sack once they got a little bigger and had more control over their movements I was able to swaddle them with their arms out. This way they stayed warm even though they didn’t need their arms tucked in. I used the swaddle sacks on both of my kids until they were 3-4 months. Probably a little longer with Hattie than with Aaron because she was born in the winter so it was colder longer.
  • Video Monitor : I absolutely love this monitor. You can add up to 4 cameras to it, which has already come in handy when we needed to add an extra camera for Hattie’s room. You can adjust the camera from the handheld part you have, without having to go into your babies room and disturb them.
  • Infant Tylenol : Always good to have some of this on hand so that you’re not needing to run out to the store when your little isn’t feeling good.
  • Changing Pad : We chose to just purchase a changing pad and then put it on top of the short dresser that is in the nursery. This way we didn’t have an extra piece of furniture, and would be able to eventually just take the pad off and then use the dresser for years to come. I will be making another post about designing a nursery, so check back for that!
  • Baby bottles & Cleaning Brush : Both of my babies were breastfed but needed to be able to take breast milk in a bottle when they were away from me. They each did fine with the Dr. Brown’s bottles so those were the only ones we have had to try. I would say to get at least 3-4 of the smaller 4oz. bottles, and 4 of the larger 8oz. bottles.
  • Muslin Swaddle Blankets : These types of blankets were my favorite to use because they are lightweight and breathable, but also a really good size! When my babies were newborns I used these to swaddle them because I was able to wrap it around twice so that it stayed swaddled better. Little Unicorn and Aden by Aden + Anais are my favorite ones because of the size and they have pretty cute prints too! My son is two and he still uses them when he sleeps, so even though they are more pricey than other baby blankets- I definitely think you get your moneys worth.
  • Small Receiving Blankets : We got SO many of these when my son was born. I remember thinking “OMG we are not going to need this many blankets!” I was wrong. I actually used them for pretty much everything… Burp clothes, makeshift bibs while they ate from a bottle, to lay underneath them while they were laying on our furniture incase they spit up or had a diaper explosion. So these actually came in handy! I didn’t even buy girly ones when we found out we were having a girl, I just washed all of Aaron’s and put them in Hattie’s room because we typically used them for cleaning up/preventing messes, so I didn’t feel like they needed to be cute and girly.

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