DIY Fireplace Update

While I was on Maternity leave with my daughter I watched a lot of Fixer Upper… So naturally I was feeling like I was Joanna Gaines. We have been in our house for almost two and a half years and the only thing we’ve done is painted and remodeled the hallway bathroom. There really wasn’t anything else that needed to be updated. After a couple months of being cooped up inside because of the never ending winter, I decided I HAD to do something with the house. I was bored with it.

I decided I wanted to paint our brick fireplace in the living room. My husband wasn’t overly excited about the idea until I told him I wanted to incorporate barn wood on it somehow. Then he was all for it. So we went to Lowe’s and I looked up where I could get barn wood and an old beam from locally, and got to work! img_6182Here’s a picture where you can see the fireplace with the mantle and decor (and my very tiny baby girl! Why do they get big so fast?!)

My first step was taking off the mantle and cleaning the brick. I just got a bucket of water and an old rag and wiped off the brick really good. The grout was the worst part to clean because some of it would just fall out. And it was so dirty! I suggest wearing a hat, unless you want grout and paint in your hair. This part really didn’t take that long.

Then I primed the brick. I really, really, primed it. It probably would have been okay to not do such a heavy coat on the brick and grout, but oh well. You live and you learn. Should I ever have to paint another fireplace, I probably won’t spend so much time on this step. You’d be more than fine to purchase just 1 gallon. We only used about half of that.

After this step I thought to myself (multiple times) “oh my goodness. I ruined our fireplace. I hate it!!” But I had no choice other than to finish it. So I picked the paint color and went for it. I chose the color Nuance by Sherwin Williams. I used a roller to paint it quickly and evenly, but used a brush to get in the grout- that was the worst part! I also painted the middle section above the mantle BLACK because I knew the barn wood would have imperfections and didn’t want you to be able to see white behind it. That was terrifying to see black paint on it!

After the paint was all dried, my husband used liquid nail to hang the barn wood up. And I instantly fell in love with it!! At this point I finally realized that I was happy with my decision to update the fireplace, and pretty impressed that my vision turned out so good. We were celebrating my sons second birthday so we threw the old mantle up and put our decor back up for the time being. The new mantle is gorgeous, but extremely heavy so we haven’t quite figured out how to hang it securely. I will post a final picture once the new mantle is up!


Below is a sneak peak of what the mantle looks like! Any suggestions on how we should hang it?

It’s crazy how much bigger and brighter the room looks! We got a new rug, rearranged some furniture, and it looks like a whole new room. We love it!


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